October 30, 2018 Galax Presentation

Bridgewater resident Phyllis Gaskins will share her story of how she fell in love with the Galax Style dulcimer, and how it became her passion  to preserve and share this style of music for generations to come. This session is being offered FOR OUR CLUB MEMBERS, but is open to all – please come, invite friends and family!
Date and Time:  10:30 am on October 30, 2018.
Location:  Alexander Mack A, Maple Terrace, Bridgewater Retirement Community, 302 North Second Street & Virginia Avenue, Bridgewater, Virginia
Phyllis  is the ultimate authority on Galax duclimers and their history, and this is a unique opportunity to learn first hand from the acknowledged expert! 
Galax Dulcimer/Melton Family Tradition – “Galax Style” is the term given to cover a type of dulcimer and a style of playing from the southwestern area of the state of Virginia, in particular the playing of one family in and around the area of Galax – the Meltons.  This dulcimer style dates back to the mid-1800s and is one of the oldest in the history of mountain dulcimers predating the dulcimer revival which started around the 1960s. Phyllis will share her collection of Galax dulcimers, demonstrate playing with the turkey quill, and present a slide show of features of the instrument.