Sept. 17 – Save the Date

For the first time since pre-pandemic years, we are planning our fall picnic, for Sept. 17, from 11 to 3 pm. In addition to sharing of music by members, and our carry-in meal, we also plan a TEN-YEAR Anniversary Celebration of our club, and our fall business meeting with election of officers.

New officers are needed for 2023-24, for the club to continue!

In what ways can you step up to serve in leadership roles? President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer all are needed. If you don’t feel that you could fill a position, could you share a club officer position? Co-President roles certainly would work, as would Co-VP! Due to the pandemic, the current officers have been serving for 3 years, and some of them have served for six to ten years.  New leadership is needed for 2023-24! Lori is willing to continue web page and FaceBook updates, if other club members will step up to serve as club officers and serve on planning committees.

Thanks to our members who have served these past years: Dinah Ansley, Vicky Germroth, Becky Chalam, Pasty Kislek, and Lori Lineweaver.