2019 Web & FB Usage

Annual Meeting Report on Web and Facebook

It appears that our Blue Ridge Mountain Dulcimer webpage and FaceBook page both are being accessed regularly. We have had visitors to our jams attend because they read about our club jams on the web, and new members have also found out about our club via the website or Facebook page.

Some webpage statistics for 2019:

The club webpage has served as a good platform for sharing information and registration for our workshops, as well as photos and videos of events. Here are some statistics of visits, most visited pages and visits over the lifetime of our webpage, as of November, 9, 2019.

Monthly Visits from July 2018 – November 2019
Top Page Hits
Visits to our webpage, January 2016 – November 2019
Some Facebook statistics for 2019:

Our FB page has 124 likes and 135 folks following the posts. Jams reminders are posted twice a month. Club workshop notices are listed, and occasionally other events that might be of interest to club members. Thanks to those who post comments and photos! That’s what social networking is all about!