2019 Workshop Report

Annual Meeting 2019 Workshops Reviewed:

Three mountain dulcimer workshops and concerts were organized in 2019 by both Club leadership and Club members.

BING FUTCH MAY 4 Workshop at Rockfish Presbyterian Church in Nellsford:

Midge and Barry Shawley arranged with Bing Futch to offer a dulcimer workshop on May 4 at the Rockfish Presbyterian Church in Nellysford (Nelson County).  They had previously organized a Bing Futch workshop in November, 2018.  For Bing’s 2019 appearance in this area Midge and a representative from the North Branch School (private school in Nelson County) coordinated his  putting on a special program for the kids at North Branch School.  Bing’s program for the kids on May 3 was extremely well received, as was the one in 2018.  

 Midge partnered with  BRMDP to put the word out about the workshop and evening concert, as well as use the Club’s boiler plate forms for registration and suggested fees.  The 4-session all-day workshop was attended by 19 people.  Bing’s concert that evening was at the Rockfish Valley Community Center (RVCC).  Midge had coordinated with RVCC so that Bing’s program could be part of RVCC’s ongoing monthly concert series.

Thus, RVCC also did a significant amount of publicity through their various PR platforms. There was standing room only for the concert, and the audience experienced the mountain dulcimer like  “never heard before” and probably won’t be heard like that again, unless Bing returns.  At least 50 people in attendance, including several from the day’s workshop and at least one child and his parent from North Branch School.  The concert was a smashing success.  Bing pulled out in his RV after the concert and was back in Florida a few hours after daylight.

His later emails said that he would like to come back to this area again.

Don Pedi House Concert hosted by Jan and Tom Scanlan

The idea for Don’s concert/workshop started last April when we attended Don’s dulcimer get-together in Little Switzerland.  We thought it might be good for folks to be exposed to some old time, traditional tunes and playing.  Don stayed with us and gave his concert on the lawn on Friday evening and the workshops on Saturday in our family room.  There were 25 in attendance for the concert  and as many the next day for the workshops.

It turned out to be a beautiful summer evening for the concert. Don pulled his chair close to the audience and was his usual informal, friendly self.  We had many glowing comments on the concert and classes.  Without exception it was a success.  Don stressed what you taught us, i.e. committing tunes to memory rather than relying totally on the tabs.  I wish that was the case at our jams.

While there was considerable work and time put into getting the concert area in the yard in shape (patio, lawn, watergarden, canopy, etc.), in summary, it was a success. I believe the atmosphere of a home concert/workshop was conducive to the success. Folks chipped in with water and snacks.

Tull Glazener September 21 day of workshop and concert

The third workshop was organized by the Club leadership. Tull Glazener shaped both the workshop sessions and concert based on the various skill levels and interests of the club members.  All workshops featured tunes with “parts.”  While going over the different parts to form “ensemble playing,” Tull also incorporated technique, theory, interpretation, dynamics, etc.  The workshop and concert was held at Lantz Chapel at the Bridgewater Retirement Community.  Twenty-three people attended the three workshops, and for the first time in the club’s history, workshop attendees opened the evening concert playing “ensemble,” specifically a 5-part arrangement of GO IN PEACE.  In addition to club members, the concert was attended by both the general public and residents of the Bridgewater Retirement Community.  Tull was very pleased with the day’s events and expressed his desire to return to our area.