Sharing our music –

Throughout the year, many of our club members are actively sharing the beautiful sounds of this simple Appalachian instrument. At our last Annual Meeting, it was suggested that we share our music in places where others can hear and be introduced to the dulcimer, and it looks like members took that to heart! Here are just a FEW of the many places that club members have been playing in the past. During COVID times, we are hoping club members will share the music they are playing. If you have a recording, either audio or video, of you or your group, and would agree to having it shared on our webpage, please send it to

Swing Low!

Thursday practice session of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, in 5 parts. Do YOU have some audio or video files of your groups you would like to have posted? It’s great to hear what different groups are doing! Continue reading Swing Low!

The Lone Wild Bird

The Lone Wild Fowl: Author: Henry Richard McFadyen (1925; alt.)Tune: PROSPECT (Graham) Played for Worship at Holy Cross Episcopal Church, May 15, 2022 The lone, wild fowl in lofty flight. Is still with thee, nor leaves thy sight. And I am thine! I rest in thee. Great Spirit, come, and rest in me. The ends… Continue reading The Lone Wild Bird

More from Sunday Mornings

Some of our club members have been invited to play at Holy Cross Episcopal Church near Batesville. These old hymn favorites were played for the worship on Sunday, February 21. Be Thou My Vision: Jesus Loves Me: He Leadeth me: Go in Peace: Continue reading More from Sunday Mornings

Songs from a Sunday

Several members of the “Pride of the Blue Ridge” played at Holy Cross recently, during a Sunday morning gathering. Here are some of the clips: Whispering Hope, Sweet Hour of Prayer, Going Home, September on the Mississippi by Larry Conger, and Southwind Continue reading Songs from a Sunday

Some Favorite Tunes

During this COVID-19 time when we have been missing playing together, meeting at jams, and enjoying the sweet sounds of our dulcimers in groups, we propose “sharing our music” in other ways! If you have a recording, either audio or video, of you or your group, and would agree to having it shared on our… Continue reading Some Favorite Tunes


“Dulce” was formed in 2015 by a core group from the Charlottesville Women’s Choir and Sue Davis.  We now have seven women and may be joined by music therapist and dulcimer player Janice Stegall-Seibert. We meet on the last Tuesday afternoon of the month at clubhouse of Sharon Baiocco in Charlottesville for two hours of… Continue reading “Dulce”