“Joyful Noise”

Christmas Carols at BRC, December 3, 2019

Clips from Deck the Halls, Go In Peace and Jingle Bells (featuring the Ugly Stick)
Thanks, Jolene, for leading our group!
Our “Birthday Gal” is in the middle.

Harrisonburg Baptist Church 150th Year Anniversary Celebration

Don’t you love our very own “Minnie Pearl”?

On September 29, the Joyful Noise, the Tuesday Morning Maple Terrace dulcimer players, joined Wally Holthaus in celebrating the Harrisonburg Baptist Church’s 150th Anniversary. What a great service, fun day, and wonderful food! We played some multi-part hymns in the gazebo during the noon meal.

Playing in the Gazebo at the Baptist Church
The gazebo venue at Harrisonburg Baptist Church

Vespers at BRC’s Lantz Chapel

August 18 turned out to be one of our most exciting programs ever, in a totally unexpected way! As the Joyful Noise (the Tuesday Morning Maple Terrace dulcimer players) were preparing to begin the Sunday Evening Vesper program, the storm that had been rumbling outside erupted in a loud clap of thunder and …. the power went out! Thanks to the help of some of the audience who provided light for the players with their cellphones, we were able to complete the program in almost complete darkness.

Joyful Noise playing at Bridgewaer Retirement Village Vespers

When we left, the rain had stopped, and a rainbow appeared over the chapel. We took that as a sign that all was well.

The storm is over – the rainbow over Lantz Chapel at Bridgewater Retirement Community