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Music Memories:

Familiar Music for those in Nursing Care, Memory Units and Retirement Villages

In the dining rooms, the community rooms and gathering places of Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community, White Birch Retirement Home, Sunnyside Retirement Community, The Springs Retirement Community in Hot Springs, and Brookdale Senior Living, strains of familiar tunes and hymns are often heard. Tom and Jan Scanlan, have entertained in these venues for literally hundreds of hours over the years. They are greeted enthusiastically, and the question each time at the end is “When will you be back?”

Sometimes they are joined by other club members and players, and make special appearances from time to time to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions.

Jan, Shannon, Patricia and Tom at the Sugar Maple Festival

In addition to their regular circuit in the retirement communities, they make an annual appearance at the Maple Sugar Festival in Highland Co., in March and at the Hands and Harvest Festival in Highland Co. in October each year.

Jan at Highland’s Old Time Fiddler’s Convention

Jan and Tom include music related stops in their travels, including several areas that claim they are the home to Old Joe Clark of the old time tune. However, Kentucky may have the most authentic claim; they have his statue and  plaque to prove it!

Old Joe Clark himself, at home in Kentucky!