Season’s Greetings!

for and from our Dulcimer Club, as we mark the passage of time with an ending and a beginning.

For all of us, we end this year and this decade with major changes in our dulcimer club, both in how we function and in how we are formed in the new year.

Rather than “monthly jam sessions,” which has been one of our hallmark for the last decade, and which sadly had dwindled to an attendance of a half dozen players, we begin the New Year with “quarterly gatherings.”  The “quarterly gatherings” will be created by, led by, and hosted by different dulcimer groups within our membership.  Therefore, we might experience previously unseen talent among us such as singing, dancing, story-telling, arranging, harmonizing with other instruments, etc.  AND the hope is that the tab for  “everyone playing together tunes” (selected by the host group)  will be sent out in advance of the gatherings for optimal participation and enjoyment.   

The intent to is hold our gatherings at different venues around Central Virginia/Shenandoah Valley area.  Specific venues are not yet available, as potential sites are experiencing renovation and others are not scheduling groups until a better sense of Covid and other respiratory illnesses.  Scheduling efforts are being made monthly and we will keep you posted as we know.

Meanwhile we dulcimer players have been in motion—traveling—to Greece, Italy, Brazil, The Bahamas, Hawaii, California, Crozet—as well as gathering in small groups, socializing, and  playing and sharing our music.  The WOODSTOCK GROUP meets regularly and plays often for church services and in other settings.   THE CHARLOTTESVILLE GROUP has met as often as possible and looks forward to greater participating as illnesses and travel recede.  The BRIDGEWATER GROUP continues to gather monthly and played recently for the Bridgewater Retirement Community. (See attached video).  And the PORT REPUBLIC GROUP continues to work together weekly and has played at a local church quarterly.   WE GIVE THANKS FOR BEING ABLE TO MAKE MUSIC AND TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.

For some of us encountering the mountain dulcimer is a life-changing experience.  For others, it’s totally awesome.  We offer this  AWESOME DULCIMER STORY from Patsy Kislek written on Sept. 9, 2022 to the dulcimer club officers.

 I wanted to share something that happened today. I met a few high school chums at IHOP near Lexington.  After leaving the restaurant, I had to go by Tractor Supply in Lexington – a stop that my husband requested me to make.  Upon pulling into the lot, a vehicle pulled up next to me. A young lady got out with a smile on her face.  She had been behind me on route 11, saw the license plate, which reads MTN DULC and followed me to Tractor Supply.  She inquired about my license plate (MTN DULC) asking if that meant mountain dulcimer. I said yes and we began a conversation about the dulcimer. She lives in Natural Bridge. She attends Marlbrook Baptist  Church which is about 5 miles down the road from me.  We exchanged contact info with plans to meet up sometime.  What are the odds of our paths crossing today – I had not planned to go into Lexington until my husband asked me to check on something for him at Tractor Supply – it was a last minute request just before I left the house to meet my friends this morning.  It was a pleasure to meet her and see her interest.  I just emailed her asking if I could share her contact info. with you.  I also gave her links to the club webpage,  facebook page, and the virtual dulcimer fest page.  What an awesome experience! Patsy 

And now, enjoy the attached video of the BRIDGEWATER GROUP——playing Dona Nobis Pacem—GRANT US PEACE.

Away in a Manger, by the the Bridgewater Group.