Our June Gathering

Following our “theme a month,” we observed JUNETEENTH.
We tried new tunes.

Becky led us line by line in Steal Away.  Most folks got the rhythm. And we also played Jacob’s Ladder.

Dinah led us in “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hand,” by singing it before we played it.
That worked. Lori reminded us of Marion Anderson performing this Metropolitan Opera in New York City on January 7, 1955. We played what we sang.

The Heartstrings (Arna, Irene, Annette, Vicky, and Anne) brought us a new tune—UKRAINIAN FOLK SONG.  They played it.  We played it.  Lovely lovely tune.

AND  took turns suggesting a tune from the jam book.

So in our June Gathering—
We honored JUNETEENTH—and played several African American Spiritual Tunes.
We were honored by the Heartstrings group from Strasburg and Woodbridge area.
We played tunes in the jam book fast—we played tunes in the jam book slowly.

We shared information about pick ups and amps—and celebrated each one’s presence.