Our August Gathering

The theme for the August Gathering for the Blue Ridge Mountain Dulcimer Club was “BRING A TUNE”. And folks did.

We experimented with a somewhat haunting tune, LONE WILD BIRD in the key of G while tuned to DAD, tabbed out by Dinah. Some folks picked the melody—others tried brushing and light strumming.

Phyllis Gaskins announced the publication of her latest Dulcimer Book, which she said “is actually a musical memoir of my life.”
Hopefully the Club will engage Phyllis for a special presentation on this superbly illustrated (and in color)  musical journey of a dulcimer-playing life.
Phyllis brought her newly published version of DOWN BY THE SALLY GARDENS (with added chord chart at suggestion of Lori Lineweaver.)
After our playing this Irish Aire a few times, Phyllis sang as we all played.  Really fine.

Vicky gave us a rhythmic challenge with DO LORD.  We started out right peppy—then slowed down a bit.  Then found our rhythm. DO LORD was a good “moving right along” tune.

We went from Black Gospel tune to New World Symphony.  Patsy brought us GOING HOME and very thoughtfully highlighted the DAD melody so our eye would not wander to the DAA version.  Some folks strummed, some brushed, some picked melody.  Some folks even added harmony. Precious playing.

And we talked…and listened to each other.
We talked about the jams—and the diminishing attendance—and a number of very real reasons—and some possibilities for change.
We talked about the newly envisioned “Gatherings” for the Club with different themes.  Fall theme for October, Thanksgiving theme for Nov., etc.
And we listened as the idea was put forth, ”I need the tab for new tunes two months ahead of time.  Otherwise, as a new player, I won’t be able to follow.”  That seemed like a reasonable idea.  So we agreed that each of us present would have available at our September Picnic  two Fall-related tunes.

And we took a break—TALK ABOUT GIVE AWAY.  Patsy brought almost every book that has been published in the dulcimer world and is GIVING THEM AWAY.  She will have more at the September Picnic.

And then we played some more—we played tunes in our jam book and we played different parts of GO IN PEACE. And we did – Go In Peace!!

Hope to see you at the next Gathering—Club Picnic, Sept. 17, 11:00 – 3:00. More info coming about that in early September. We miss seeing all of you!  Sure hope you can come be together.

Keep strumming and picking!