Our September Picnic

The Blue Ridge Mountain Dulcimer Players Club held not only its annual picnic at Bridgewater’s Oasis Pavilion on Saturday, Sept. 17, but also celebrated it tenth year in existence!!!
Founding members were remembered and honored:
Dinah Ansley, Tom and Jan Scanlan, Bill and Arna Zulauf, Louisa and Bill Painter, Elaine Goss, Mary Louise Fisher, Patricia Cash, Shannon Tate, and Carol Ralston.

A motion was passed unanimously by voice vote for a new reorganization for 2023 as follows:

In addition to business, we were treated to music by the Charlottesville Group, including Bill Staines’ “River”, an Irish tune and they finished their set by asking all players to join them in COUNTRY ROADS singing and playing chords.

The Bridgewater Group offered Both a traditional Irish tune and then an “everybody play along”  GREY CAT ON A TENNESSEE FARM.

The Port Republic Group gave their rendition of JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE and completed the pre-lunch playing with all participants choosing different parts of GO IN PEACE.

The Strasburg-Woodstock Group was very disappointed in NOT being able to attend due to everyone’s recent exposure to Covid.
Covid impacted a number of other potential attendees.  We continue being vigilant.

Superb lunch with barbecue, buns, and coleslaw supplied by the Club, along with many sides and desserts.
Pictures of various dulcimer gatherings, concerts, workshops, public events, etc. were displayed on large t.v. screen during lunch.

Thanks go to Patricia Cash, Lori and Dave Lineweaver for this extra treat.

There was more dulcimer playing after lunch, from various jam books as well as tab brought by some.

The Club will continue to meet the third Saturday of Oct., Nov., and Dec., 1:30 – 3:00 in the Shenandoah Room at the Bridgewater Retirement Community.

Special thanks to the workers who made this event a very pleasurable success: Becky Chalam, Carlos Kislek, Dave Lineweaver, Dinah Ansley, Lori Lineweaver, Patsy Kislek.